Welcome and a Disclaimer

Hello and welcome to my brain. This is my first blog and I have always been hesitant to write one, often viewing them as self-impressed and over-informative–particularly the mommy blogs about childbirth and swollen ankles. Yeah, not my thing.

At any rate, I am a recent college graduate and have a job in the nonprofit field. As a recovering English major, I have enjoyed the free time to read books and books…and more books now that I no longer have to write paper after paper about them. And, since I cannot afford cable, I have become addicted to Netflix and have made my queue a source for not only entertainment, but further intellectual inspiration.

That being said, my weekday evenings that used to be filled with homework and various extracurricular engagements are now gloriously free for time spent reading and watching films. But, I cannot seem to get over my need to discuss what I am ingesting. Perhaps I should join a book club or something…but until I do, I would like to use this blog to offer my completely biased commentary on what I watch and read.

Let me just say now, I am not an expert and do not claim to be. Though I may have a degree in English, I do not consider myself to be a specialist on the written word though I do have a passion for it. You may disagree with my opinions or  think they are just silly–in fact, I encourage you to think about the ways I am wrong. I want to learn more, too.  And please comment if you disagree, you won’t hurt my feelings.

But, maybe I will prevent you from wasting your time watching “Funny People” or from reading Atonement–if I am able to accomplish that, then I’d say this blog is worth my time!

Enjoy–and oh yes…I am a proud ginger (aka redhead) and that explains the name of the blog if you don’t happen to know who I am.



7 thoughts on “Welcome and a Disclaimer

  1. This is a great idea, and I’m really looking forward to your uniquely capable and particular perspective. Your comments on your lack of cable is alone an inspiration. Rather than join a book club, I hope you this will this to become one. Thanks so much for your efforts and I’m very proud to know you.

  2. whenever i see the title to your page, my brain immediately translates to “gingersnap.” no lie.

    and i’m glad the world can now benefit from the reviews to which, before now, i’ve had such privileged access!

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