Cake Eaters- featuring Kristen Stewart

OK, I will admit here that I have read the Twilight saga and seen the movies produced thus far. I hope that does not make me immediately lose my newly found readers, but I did promise honesty and here I am following through. I promise you that I will never offer commentary on them, but will tell you that the movies made me curious about Kristen Stewart.

She is obviously not your traditional teeny-bopper figure with her grunge rocker looks and boyish figure. So, I thought there might be some real acting talent there and more than just a pretty face who got the attention of the right people. So, I rented one of her first films, an independent film called “Cake Eaters” about a girl suffering with a degenerative disease called Friedrich’s Ataxia in a small town.

Please do not rent this movie unless you are incredibly bored. It was awful. Spoiler alert–it is basically the story of a girl with a disease who convinces a local 30-year old virgin to have sex with her so she can do it before she dies. That is the extent of the “complicated” plot.

Now, Stewart did a good job slurring her speech and taking on the characteristics of someone with this disease, but overall it was a weak film with an even weaker supporting cast. I often like the quirkiness of independent films, but this one even lacked that and just seemed to have the roughness of an indie without that special quality of an “Away we Go” or “Brothers Bloom.”

And one more thing…the tag line of this film is “Just stick with the frosting.” Really, Kristen Stewart?

My advice, if you want to see Kristen Stewart act, just stick with Twilight.


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