“The King of Torts” – John Grisham

I always enjoy a John Grisham read. It is often a great transition from a very long, serious book to read a suspenseful, quick thriller with unforeseen (and sometimes foreseen) twists and turns. I read my first one just a few years ago and have been hooked ever since.

I actually listened to “The King of Torts” on CD while traveling, which is always a different book experience. I find I will daydream more readily when my mind is already occupied doing one thing (aka driving) while I try to listen to a story. So, I sometimes have to replay certain tracks to catch the parts I missed while looking at an interesting cloud or pondering what I will have for dinner when I get home.

However, this book captured my attention so entirely that I once glanced down to my speedometer on the highway to see I was going 60 mph when the speed limit was 70mph…way to go Grisham, you kept my lead foot at bay!

Anyway, “The King of Torts” is the story of an honorable, non-worldly young lawyer  and the downfall he faces that is brought about by excessive greed, deceit and ethical failure.

The main character is Clay Carter, a young man who had hoped to join his father’s law practice his whole life but whose dreams were dashed when his father is forced to close his practice due to a certain scandal. Clay must navigate his own way and dreams of a life that does not involve barely scraping by and defending criminals as a Public Defender.

Clay receives his “lucky break” when a mysterious phone call and meeting relating to one of his criminal cases leads to the chance to free himself from a life of simplicity and to gain significant, astronomical wealth. Clay faces an ethical dilemma–does he trust this man of secrecy whose eyes reveal something of a seedy past and who promises unending wealth, or does he use the information he has been given to overturn corruption?

I won’t tell you what he chooses (though I am sure you can infer his choice), but leave you to pick up a copy of “The King of Torts” (or listen to it on CD) and plan for a fascinating tale that will make you think and entertain you until the very last page.

Oh, and for the ladies who desire a bit of romance in the stories they read, Grisham was kind enough to give us a little bit of that, too…


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