Oh, Rory…I am so disappointed. “Post Grad” starring Alexis Bledel

Gentlemen who read this blog, fair warning…it’s about to get real girlie up in here. I usually try to stick to the more thought-provoking, culturally interesting films when I talk about them here but I was just so disappointed in this chick flick that it was impossible to resist a commentary.

I am (and have been since high school) a very devoted fan to the Gilmore Girls series. I have nearly every season on DVD and watch an episode while I get dressed every morning. I love the witty banter and references to pop culture, history, politics, etc. that take a keen ear to pick up. Mentioning this fact may make you lose a little respect for my opinion regarding more intelligent/challenging books and films, but I am a girl and I’ll make no more bones about it.

I like a good chick flick with a decent plot and all the cheesy lines that I grew up imagining being said to me when I fell in love. Some of my favorites are “How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days,” “Two Weeks Notice,” “Sleepless in Seattle,” “When Harry Met Sally,” and “The Holiday.” I am mildly embarrassed that Matthew McConaughey made this short list but this was one of his less annoying roles (and the man is good-looking!). And, wasn’t Meg Ryan so great in her heyday? Too much plastic surgery now…

Anyway, Rory Gilmore is the main character of the Gilmore Girls series played by Alexis Bledel (her outbreak role) to explain the title of this blog post. If you have watched a show as long as I have, loyalty to Bledel (Rory, rather) as an actress runs deep. I thought she did a great job in the “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” films and was wondering what she would do next…

“Post Grad” was a poor choice. And, I am pretty sure that the film used the stress of my age group for personal gains who really did face the less than wonderful job market and were forced to live at home longer than anyone would prefer. However, many of us are still living it and didn’t quite get the cheery, pepto bismol coated ending of getting offered a dream job and a dream man all at once.

Bledel’s character is ridiculous, frustrating and the plot is so transparent that I had it figured out in the first ten minutes. Bledel’s character (whose name is Ryden-oddly similar to Rory, right?) over-acts and I was just so disappointed in its inability to even be entertaining.

I cannot believe I was so looking forward to this one arriving via Netflix. Don’t watch it unless you are in the mood for a pre-tween, Disney-esque film with zero to little actual substance and creativity.


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