“The Firm” – John Grisham

I really hesitated about reviewing this book because it may be one of the most widely read bit of fiction out there. Maybe because Tom Cruise starred in the film based on the book…or maybe because it is one of Grisham’s finest–either way, most people have read and enjoyed “The Firm.” But, I just loved it so much I had to share in case one of my readers has not read it yet.

I really enjoy reading a book that is fast and thrilling after I have read a more difficult book. I suppose “Ghost Riders” was not that challenging, but it was full of history and to me that means I learned something and get to read something frivolous next. As I have mentioned before, I am a late Grisham bloomer and did not join the many fans until the past few years.

Of the four or so books I have read by Grisham, “The Firm” is definitely my favorite. Anyone who knows me knows of my fascination of the mafia and may also know that “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the Mafia” sits on my bookshelf as a bit of reference material when I have a new question after watching “The Godfather” one more time.

So, when the mafia surfaced as part of this book’s tale, I was quite excited. What an exciting plot. I started the book on the plane back from visiting Dixon in Vail and finished within five days. This may not be a record for me at all (*cough* case in point Twilight and Harry Potter sagas written for a much lower reading level) but when I am working in the day, this is quite the feat for me. I may have stayed up a bit too late finishing the last leg of the book, but it was worth it to know what happens and what fate the bad guys suffered.

Main point: I won’t say much more about the book because the plot is clear almost immediately BUT if you have not read this Grisham book and want a good traveling read or something to transition from a difficult book, read “The Firm.” I can’t wait until the Netflix of the movie arrives soon to see how Tom Cruise does as Mitch McDeere…I have high expectations.


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