“Paper Heart” – Starring Charlyne Yi and Michael Cera

I have been a fan of Michael Cera ever since I started watching the Arrested Development seasons on DVD last year. Cera also stars in “Juno” opposite Ellen Page. He is just a lovable character in both of these roles and I haven’t seen him in his other recent film but so far I have liked everything he has been in. That is what drew me to this film, although I did not know much about Charlyne Yi and her stand up routine in Los Angeles.

“Paper Heart” is a documentary mixed with some scripted segments about Charlyne’s search to travel the country to see if love really exists and if America thinks she will be able to find it. She presents herself as a bit of a “love skeptic” who thinks it is completely impossible for her to ever love anyone.

Yi is eccentric, witty and creative and in watching the film you will inevitably find yourself rooting for her to figure it out. Early into the film, Charlyne meets Michael Cera at a party and the movie takes a dramatic turn. As it turns out, Yi and Cera are dating in real life and the movie ends up chronicling what becomes a relationship between the two.

The movie is charming and inspiring, but not the greatest thing I have seen. It is definitely an unusual style of documentary but it was also refreshing in that way. There were many notable cameos by other comedians that also added some intrigue to Charlyne’s world.

Michael Cera continues to be an incredibly lovable character and this film reveals a lot about what his personality might be like off-screen.


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