“Jesus Camp” – Directed by Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady

On Friday, our office decided to watch a brief documentary we were considering showing as part of a Challenge Film series we are putting together. We showed “Food, Inc.” late last fall and found that gathering to watch and discuss documentaries addressing controversial issues is something that people in our community really enjoy and provides a great forum for determining how we can better direct the efforts of our nonprofit.

We have found that one of the most divisive forces in our community is religion and the tensions surrounding it are vast. However, after watching “Jesus Camp,” we are probably not going to show it because it describes extremists that are not as prevalent in Greenville.

“Jesus Camp” follows the journey of several children as they are trained in a regimented evangelical Christian training program. They are called “soldiers” and are taught to speak in tongues, evangelize to everyone they talk to, and to essentially worship highly conservative Christian political leaders.

The film attempts to paint a picture of the impact of fundamentalist Christianity on America and its efforts to take on politics. It is frightening and at times (often, really) gives Christianity a bad name.  Watching it made me feel uncomfortable, especially the portions depicting the fundamentalists’ support of Ted Haggard, a prominent evangelist who resigned from all church positions after admitting to sexual immorality and methamphetamine use.

As far as documentaries go, this one does an incredible job of depicting a story without getting involved in it. The filmmakers do not have an obvious agenda and their presence remains third-party observer throughout the film. “Jesus Camp” was even nominated for an Academy Award.

If you are curious about the impact of fundamentalists on American politics or just want to learn more, this is a great resource and an interesting documentary.  Though it made me uncomfortable, it was definitely a fascinating film.


2 thoughts on ““Jesus Camp” – Directed by Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady

  1. I watched this a few years back with some folks from my church. I seem to remember seeing an agenda from the filmmakers peaking through during the movie but I need to rewatch it as it has been a while.

    • I suppose you could argue that their agenda was to “expose” certain aspects of the extreme Christian fundamentalists, but I guess I meant by that comment that there is not a spoken agenda in the film. There is not a “call to action” at the end like many agenda films like “Food, Inc.” or “Invisible Children” that have a very clear mission with the footage they showed. Does that clarification make more sense? I should have expanded that further.

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