“Dairy Queen Days” – Robert Inman

Looking for a simple read from my favorite genre (Southern Lit) after finishing “Atlas Shrugged,” I snagged the Robert Inman book I ordered after loving “Old Dogs and Children” so much from my bookshelf. Of course, Inman did not disappoint on delivering a well-heeled southern tale with the charm and humor typical of his story-telling.

In “Old Dogs,” I loved the unusual names he chose for his characters, their crazy quirks and the heart tugging human drama he beautifully illustrated in his story. This book had the element of crazy names such as Trout, Keats, Phinizzy, Alma and Cicero. I am honestly not sure why he chooses to create such unusual names but it definitely adds color and flavor to his stories.

Though I enjoyed reading this book, it never became so interesting that I could not put it down and the story lagged a bit at times. It is far inferior to “Old Dogs” and after talking to other Inman fans, they agreed that “Old Dogs” truly is Inman’s masterpiece thus far.

“Dairy Queen Days” is not a book I would recommend as a “must read” but it is an enjoyable book if you are just looking for a little southern color or if you happen to be an Inman fan.


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