“Chasing Harry Winston” – Lauren Weisberger

I received some wonderful recommendations for books to listen to on tape for my trip, but when the time came to travel to Barnes and Noble to scope out the selection, all of the good ones I wanted to read were at least $30. So, I opted for the least expensive yet still seemingly entertaining book I could find–“Chasing Harry Winston” by Lauren Weisberger. I think it is time to finally get a library card so I can check out books on tape that are actually wonderful and free for future road trips!

Weisberger is the author of “Devil Wears Prada” which I referenced in my review of “September Issue,” the documentary of Vogue editor Anna Wintour who served as the inspiration for Weisberger’s first book. The story proved to be perfectly entertaining for my trip and the cheeky humor, quest for love/greater purpose were blended into a nice little “beach read” sort of book that kept me awake and alert.

There were some weird points, such as the bird who thinks he is fat and repeats over and over “fat girl, fat girl” because he has a negative self-image and is gender confused…crazy right? I literally said out loud to myself in the car, “What the heck?” because it just was so strange and in rehashing it on this blog post I am still unsure as to why Weisberger’s editor left such a strange detail in the book.

The story is about three best friends and their quest to find love, meaning, and a career they value in New York City. They are all fabulously wealthy which always seems to make a New York tale all the better because the reader gets to live vicariously through the characters’ numerous guilt free trips to Barney’s, delectable meals at the best restaurants whose names are famous even in South Carolina, luxurious taxi rides and penthouse apartments on the Upper East Side.

While this book was not fabulous and not one I would recommend for anything beyond entertainment, I did especially enjoy following the journey of the character named Lee as she is a book editor for a major publishing house, a job I have always lusted after. Hearing about her experience chasing famous authors around the Hampton’s was just plain fun.

“Devil Wears Prada” was definitely a better read but “Chasing Harry Winston” served its purpose for travel entertainment.


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