“Little Earthquakes” – Jennifer Weiner

After reading such an enlightening book prior to “Little Earthquakes,” I almost considered not posting a review at all about this gem of a beach read. However, I truly believe that what you read should be as diverse as your interests. So, on with my take on “Little Earthquakes,” the book I read in four days last week.

If you are a woman, you have probably heard of Jennifer Weiner because she wrote “In Her Shoes,” the story that was made famous thanks to the film rendition starring Cameron Diaz (which I hated, by the way). Much like Emily Giffin, Sophie Kinsella, or Lauren Weisberger–Jennifer Weiner knows how to write about issues women face and her characters are wholly relatable. Though they may exist in hyperbolic forms, the characters offer some sort of comfort to readers. When I read about a character that has a neurotic tendency, it makes me feel a little bit better to know other women out there (albeit fictional) encounter the same things.

I think that is the beauty of a good “chick book” and why women like them so much from time to time.

“Little Earthquakes” was fun, sentimental, funny and all around enjoyable. It told the story of four different women who become linked due to shared motherhood experiences. Each has her own challenges and must determine how to overcome them. Whether it is the biracial Ayinde who is married to a NBA basketball star, the plump chef with an unbearable mother in law, the new mother whose husband has lost his job, and the mother who lost her baby from sudden infant death syndrome at just six weeks, they all face challenges and support each other as they determine what must be done to achieve happiness and peace.

I enjoyed this book for its mindless entertainment and for the way Weiner surprised me with her moving writing–I may have teared up at a couple of points. This book was a great quick read and it made me want to pick up more of Weiner’s books the next time I am going to the beach or looking for a transition book after reading something more challenging.


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