“Twenties Girl” – Sophie Kinsella

If you are a lady, you have probably heard of Sophie Kinsella or her famous “Shopaholic” book series that became a movie starring Isla Fisher. She is a fun and quirky British author and her books are always entertaining, with a bit of romance thrown into the mix. In the books of hers I have read, her protagonist is usually a young girl struggling to make ends meet and so far unlucky in love–until the plot unfolds.

“Twenties Girl” follows the highly successful formula of Kinsella’s prior books but involves a mystery factor and the paranormal. I was excited to pick it up over the Christmas holiday because I knew it would be a quick read I could get lost in, which is often a great thing when your whole family is crammed into one house. I did not read the back of the book before I started to read it, a bit unusual for me, so I had no idea there was a ghost involved and was very confused when “Sadie” was first introduced.

I must admit, when the ghost element popped up, I was not so sure how Kinsella was going to make it work. I quickly realized that I should never have doubted because the story was so well-crafted and intriguing that I think mysteries might become her new forte following her mastery of the romantic comedy.

I really enjoyed reading this book and would recommend it to any woman I know as a fun read that will take just a few days and absolutely capture your imagination. A special thanks goes to my friend Kimi who sent me the book for my birthday.


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