Hunger Games – Vol. 1

Okay – I admit it. Every now and then when an adolescent thriller series pops up, I have to indulge. This three-book series came to me by way of a high school English teacher who seemed to have enjoyed it even more than her students. I have only read the first one, but rest assured — the remaining two are on their way to my eager hands.

This is one of those stories you can read in one sitting (I did it on a plane flight) and leaves you thinking about it even after you turn that final page. The premise revolves around a futuristic world (reminds me of that depicted in Alduous Huxley’s Brave New World) where the culture is controlled by the government, along with the economy and food supply. After a major uprising that supposedly happened years prior, the central government created a way to control its 12 Districts.

The Districts are limited to food supply and designated to serve a certain role in taking care of the republic. While one might be responsible for orchards, another is responsible for all coal mining. Each are limited and controlled by extremely strict laws and breaking many of them results in immediate death or capture, or the removal of one’s tongue, and a life of servitude to the capital.

And every year, to control the people and remind them of its power, the government holds a series called the Hunger Games. Two members are selected through a lottery from each district and must compete in the games, where they must kill one another until only one remains. Sounds pretty morbid, right?

And that is exactly why it has such a fascinating appeal. It makes you ponder the ways humanity can turn on its own in an arena like the Hunger Games and as you read the story, you will find yourself holding your breath at various parts.

I have not read the final two books yet so I will leave my review at that for now. If you like a science fiction, Harry Potter/Twilight-esque kind of story, you will love The Hunger Games. But, I think the writing and themes are a bit more mature and are good for bringing up topics that are difficult to discuss. I would definitely recommend the first book of this series and will touch base again once I finish the other two for my final review.


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