Get Him to the Greek – I give up.

In the post-Wedding Crashers and Anchorman era, I have noticed a dramatic shift in what is considered to be a comedic film these days. We are moving away from cleverly written scripts to outlandish and limit-pushing humor usually featuring raunchy sex jokes, rampant drug abuse, and sophomoric humor so grotesque that even middle-school boys squirm at the indecency. And, while these movies seem to be getting it wrong in my opinion, I am thankful that we have television sitcoms like 30 Rock, Modern Family, and Parks and Recreation to keep the Seinfeld and Arrested Development diehards (like me) satiated. As I side note, I recently purchased Tina Fey’s book, Bossypants, and will be delighted to share my review when I finish reading it!

All of that being said, I decided to give the Superbad, Knocked Up, Hangover-style films one more shot by way of Get Him to the Greek starring Russell Brand. I had heard from many people that it was “so funny” and “you will love it.” Well, I did not love it and I officially am giving up on films of that genre. The story line is weak, the characters so depraved that you find no way to relate to them at all, and the humor really isn’t that funny. The only reason why I kept it playing through the end was to see if it ever had a single redeeming quality — I found none.

I must admit, I had my hopes up when I learned that Mad Men’s Elisabeth Moss was a lead character (I love her). But it just was terrible. Instead of leaning on strong writing and true skill (like the scripts of Old School, Animal House, or The Big Lebowski), there are no memorable quotes that viewers can share with one another but instead one lewd, extreme act after another. And to me, that is just not funny. Now I will go watch an episode of Modern Family to calm myself down…


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