Bossypants – Tina Fey

I picked up this book for several reasons. For one, I love Tina Fey — I think she is brilliant as a writer, an actress, and a human being. For two, she is a strong woman who has taken a male-dominated field by storm. And three– Tina Fey is hilarious.

Her book is an often-rambling, loosely themed tale of how she is “Bossypants” and how she has been able to break through various glass ceilings to achieve such great success in her career. The book is funny and really easy to put down and pick up without trying to remember what has happened in the plot. It is less chronological than it is “provisional” — I made that term up to mean that she offers background to explain something that is the way it is today rather than just going through the milestones of her life in order. Make sense?

At any rate, I really enjoyed getting insights into what life is like behind the scenes of creating a Saturday Night Live production and also the tale behind Tina Fey’s now infamous Sarah Palin impressions. I also laughed out loud at least 30 times from the various things she writes about or allusions she makes to things I certainly could relate to in my own life.

But I think the thing that really charmed me about the book was the lovably honest, self-deprecating, and human qualities that Fey lays out for all to read. She is not an untouchable celebrity who looks perfect and sets out to have everyone believe that her life is equally perfect. She is honest about her struggles with self-image, her obstacles in the field of comedy with testosterone-driven personalities, and her struggles with balancing being a mother/wife and the producer/director of 30 Rock. Her book makes you like her, relate to her, and feel like if you met her she would treat you like a person and maybe even be your friend (crossing my fingers here).

Now, it wasn’t any great work of literature or a profound story — but it was a great read and if you like Tina Fey, Saturday Night Live, 30 Rock, Alec Baldwin, or, well…laughing…you should read it, too.


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