A Short Post Just to Say…

That Step Brothers may be the worst film I have ever seen. EVER.

I was utterly disappointed because I love Will Ferrell. I have watched his audition for SNL at least 25 times. I love Elf, Old School, Anchorman, Stranger than Fiction — pretty much any SNL skit he did. But this? This was utter trash. I turned it off because I just couldn’t stand it anymore. There were NO redeeming qualities. Even my precious new love from Parks and Recreation was in it — and still, no redeeming qualities.

Am I alone here? It received three stars on Netflix ratings which is far more generous than anything I would give it. I even looked to see if it would be possible to give a movie zero stars because I hated it so much.

So, do yourself a favor. If you have taste like mine in any way, DO NOT see this film.


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