Safe Haven – Nicholas Sparks

ImageBefore I talk about my most recent book, I just wanted to briefly say that I read “Fifty Shades of Grey” and let’s just say — curiosity killed the cat. Read if you dare but do heed the warnings on the back cover. They are not kidding…

Anyway, after finishing 50 Shades, I listened to Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks while traveling recently. I was a devotee to Nicholas Sparks in my younger years, mainly because I was a young adolescent interested in love stories and also because the settings of many of his books took place in the regions of North Carolina where I had spent much of my childhood. I adored reading about two characters who were falling in love and taking walks on the pier where I grew up taking walks and learning how to fish.

However, as I got older I realized his books all followed a basic formula and that it wasn’t necessary the “quality” writing that a future English major might pursue. But, the fact remains that a good love story soothes the soul — and when you are a hormone-laden female that is always the case.

This story was particularly interesting because it was less about the Notebook-style romance and passion — and more about the reality/fear of abuse combined with loss and an examination of the resilient human spirit. I was honestly impressed with Sparks’ development as a writer and really enjoyed this story. I even found myself sitting in front of my house waiting for moments of suspense to be settled.

All in all, this was a good, quick read. It was an interesting story that was empowering for women and ended in a way that was a little weird, but also endearing.


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