It has been more than two years since I last wrote in this space. I considered deleting the blog during that time as I hate nothing more than a stale blog. I even thought I would pick it back up again in its old format. Yes; I still have been reading. No; I do not have any more free time as I once did.

That was then.

Now, I am a part time grad student and five years into a career in the communications/marketing field. As I am forced into writing for a certain style and assignment in both pieces of my life, I find myself aching for a creative outlet again. The words are welling up and I decided it might just be time to share thoughts once more.

I have named this blog with a quote from Shakespeare’s Macbeth because it is chiefly going to be an instrument of procrastination. A devilish distraction from things I can and should be doing.

So, let this venture begin anew — with the trappings of stolen time and a format yet undecided. Oh, and I am keeping the old book reviews in the archives. I selfishly enjoy looking back on what I read and have had a few students comment some were helpful for book reports. What can I say; I do what I can.

Stay tuned, for something wicked this way comes.


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